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The flower of life test by the Life Test Institute

The symbol “Flower of Life” is present in Egypt, Western and Eastern Europe as well as in parts of Asia. Some archaeological discoveries, such as engravings of the symbol in ancient Egyptian temples, are more than 200 years old. With its help, all five regular Platonic bodies can be drawn. At the same time it is said to have an energetic and protective effect. The German manufacturer SN-Design/Saraswati-Design uses the motif for the production of amulets. The effects they have on humans were to be investigated by the LIFE-TESTinstitute.



In a double blind test with a total of 20 subjects, changes in the meridian energies were determined. Meridian energy measurements were performed using the “Prognos” device. That is, the skin resistances at the end points of the meridians that are known by acupuncture were measured on hands and feet. “Prognos” was developed within the project of the Russian space program. In Russia this diagnostic device is recognized as medically valid because of 10,000 measurements in patients and correct diagnoses. In Germany, a study conducted by the University of Stuttgart/Klinikum Mutlangen in collaboration with the Carstens Foundation confirmed the reliability of this method.

The results of the TEST:

20 people, 11 men and 9 women of different ages, were tested without and with amulets. The test was performed as a double blind test. A real pendant with the motif of the “Flower of Life” and a dummy, which was identical to the original except for the missing graphic motif, were put into an identical fabric cover. Neither the performer of the measurements, nor the subjects knew which one of the numbered envelopes contained the actual amulet. The subjects were measured before and after an energetic disturbance by electrosmog (magnetic field 7 Hz), in order to be able to determine a possible harmonizing effect even if under stronger interfering influences.

In addition to that, the energetic influence of the motif “Flower of Life” was tested on food. For this purpose, water samples were placed on a larger, double “space amulet” with the motif of the “Flower of Life” for 5 minutes. Then the reaction of the subjects to the treated and the same untreated water was tested.

  1. Reaction test: The effects of the dummie and the real amulet were clearly different in the double-blind experiment. While the measured values only changed a little when the dummie was used, the actual amulet clearly showed positive changes, even under the influence of electrosmog: the negative influence of electrosmog on the human energy system of the acupuncture meridians was largely neutralized.

Electrosmog can lead to considerable energy losses – in this test there was a major change in the so-called conductivity of the meridians of up to 49%. This was largely balanced out by the amulet. A total compensation occurred for 3 of the 10 tested people. There was a significant improvement in other 5 subjects; their remaining deviations were so small that most people did not run any energetic risk. So if we put these data together, the negative energy effects were harmonized in 8 of the 10 people.

One of the test persons responded indifferently and an other person showed a strong energy loss in addition to the loss of energy that had already been caused by electrosmog. This may have had several causes – the respondent might have been allergic to the substances the amulet was made of.

The amulet addresses the centers of regulation in the brain and the “upper meridians” in women, whereas men react to the “second brain” in the belly, ie, over the solar braid, and over the “lower meridian”. Nevertheless, the harmonizing effect is equally strong for both.

  1. Food Test: To investigate the influence of the amulet on food, changes in different water samples was investigated as an example – this means that the influence on the energy system of the human being of water that had been “treated” with the amulet was measured. Instead of the normal pendant, the so-called “space amulet” was used; it is a larger disk, identical in motif and material to the first one. Water samples were placed on this amulet for 5 minutes and then the effect of treated water on the human body was measured.

The 10 subjects had to try three differently treated samples. So a total of 30 single tests was carried out. Of these 30 tests, 23 showed an energetic improvement, and in 7 cases there was a deterioration. Untreated water produced negative energetic effects in 21 tests. After it had been placed on the disc, this only happened in 13 individual tests.

The space amulet “Flower of Life” thus mostly led to significant energetic improvements. This means that the space amulet “flower of life” can be used to improve energy levels and the quality and the digestibility of water (as well as food that contains water).
The rare measured negative effects may also be due to the type of water that was used. An other kind of water that had already been “energetically pre-treated and informed” and oxygen enriched water have also been tested by another method.

In a secondary experiment, the large disc was also tested in its effect with electrosmog. It was attached to a PC monitor or laptop, but no positive changes were observed in humans. There are changes, however, if the large disc is used as a pendant – the resutls are comparable to the above-described effects of the small amulets.

So, according to these energetic test results, the LIFE-TESTinstitute evaluates the amulet “flower of life” by the company SN-Design/Saraswati-Design by using its own criteria as follows:

energetically positive” (overall result)
harmonizing” (1. main tendency of the effect)
energizing” (2. main tendency of the effect)

Flower of Life Test

It was not determined whether the same energetic effect can also be originated by other objects with the motif of the “Flower of Life” or if they only depend on the porcelain masses with dark blue glaze and gold overprints that were used in this experiment.




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  • Sonia 2018-05-29, 1:20 am Link Reply


    I was meditating this morning and raised to the spirit plane, where they gave me a yellow flower of life gold ring and placed it on my wedding finger. This sent pulse waves throughout my body and the shock sent me back! Wondering what this means?


    Sonia Omni healer

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