The Flower of Life and Coldplay

Recently, while surfing on Facebook, I almost could not believe my eyes when I saw the new Coldplay album cover. It was so colorful and exceptionally beautiful, I couldn’t help but look at it. And the best thing is that in the middle of the image there was the flower of life, painted in colorful circles :-).

Absolute madness, these guys aren’t just some random people, and they spread this symbol over the entire planet and bring it to the masses. I have no idea what there is behind this story, but whatever, it is very positive for us all. So thumbs up!

I will definitely continue researching on the matter, because I genuinely want to know if the guys of Coldplay know more about the flower of life or if a designer had the idea of putting it on the cover.

The entire album cover is a mandala, it reflects all motifs, and shows a fantastic world. While looking at it, I have noticed many little things such as the boy on a cloud, for example, who seems to meditate, or the gate with the parrots, that looks like an entrance to another dimension. I was fascinated and still am.

Thanks to the maker.

 As a small homage to Coldplay here comes a little advertising. Click on the picture to go to Amazon, where you can buy the album.

Update on the 07.04.2016: I did some research and found an article where the “Band Bring me the Horizon”    accuses    “Coldplay” of having stolen their cover.

It’s not that easy with the flower of life, there are many different beautiful patterns.

Here is the link to the original article:

Unfortunately I still haven’t found out why the two bands have decided to use the flower of life in their covers. I’d really appreciate any suggestions :-).


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  • Wall planter 2017-09-13, 10:53 pm Link Reply

    Thanks to the maker.

  • Josh 2018-08-08, 5:10 pm Link Reply

    The reason the flower of life was used was because the designer was a big fan of Sacred Geometry and introduced the shape to the band. The designer was and I think there is a video about the making of the album cover somewhere.

    • Kawa 2018-08-08, 10:47 pm Link Reply

      Hey Josh,

      thank you for this Information :-). I will look at the video and the site. Karsten

  • Orri 2018-09-14, 6:47 am Link Reply

    How do you divide a circle? Why do we divide circle in 360 parts? Is that division related to the division in flower of life?

  • Harper 2019-02-10, 5:07 pm Link Reply

    Dear Orri, all geometric shapes are divine. That is, the sum of all angles in any geometric shape all equal 9. 9 is the divine number. To your question, “How do you divide a circle?” Any way you divide it, you get the number 9. 360/2=180 (1+8=9); 180/2=90; (9) 90/2=45 (4+5=9); 45/2=22.5 (2+2+5=9). And on. 😁 The Flower of life starts with the ONE +9 = (9+1=10, reduces to the oneness of all). We are all ONE. Unfortunately our carbon outter shells- color, sex, shape, then add socio economics, place on the planet, and religion and we shut ourselves off in our tiny cages of understanding separated from our true selves. Here’s to finding our way back home! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this site! Thank you! Much gratitude for creating it for us to enjoy.

  • Emily Tychsen 2020-04-26, 12:06 pm Link Reply

    A community for fans of the British band Coldplay. Current members of the band are Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion, Chris Martin, and Phil Harvey. ????

  • Treespirit 2021-09-28, 1:53 pm Link Reply

    I think doing a bit of research into this symbol, before writing this article might have been helpful. It isn’t just a pretty, colourful symbol. It seems that Coldplay are trying to help raise the consciousness and vibration of this planet.

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