My experiences with drawing the flower of life by myself

Drawing the flower of life by myself made my understanding of the flower of life grow


Today I would like to publish some of my drawings of the flower of life. I made them about 6 years ago. At that time I had just started to learn more about the flower of life.

After having read the book by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 2009 I began to paint the flower of life everywhere. And if I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere :-).

We had a very strong mold problem in the apartment back then and had to demolish the complete wallpaper in the bedroom. Of course it looked very bleak and gloomy. Yes, exactly, so I just decided to simply draw a big and beautiful flower of life on the wall. And not only once :-), I did it even 4 times. For one thing, of course, I wanted to use the power and energy of the flower of life, and on the other hand it looked beautiful. I must mention that I painted the flower of life on the wall with a gold pencil. This gave the whole thing an extra touch.

I can only recommend this to anyone, try it out, it’s better than wallpaper 🙂

flower of life drawing door

My artistic experiments, however, are not limited to walls; no, the next objective was the garage door of my parents’ garden. I painted the flower of life on the gate with a gold color, but it wasn’t small, no, it was about 2 meters in diameter :-). And painted with acrylic gold. That was in 2010, and to this day, 5 years later, the same flower of life is on this gate. And it hasn’t changed over time. I’m still amazed by this every time I see it.

Here are some of my artistic attempts (some of them already look a bit old), the variations are very different. In some of them you might even notice the symbols of some modern businesses 😉 can you see where?

flower of life pictures

By following this link you’ll see the pictures in a bigger format: Gallery of the flower of life paintings


I hope you liked the little tour into my first flower of life drawings, maybe I even managed to motivate you to draw yourself :-).


All the best


PS: Here is a link to my new englisch Website:

and here my German Website (with more products and articles):

If you want to look to Inspiration for drawing, you will find our flower of life Pictures. These artworks were painted by my partner Jeannette and myself.

Wish you the best


Here are a few examples from our handprinted wall arts:

Flower of Life Artwork Yin Yang Chakra Mandala OM Sri Yantra



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  • Violette 2017-07-24, 9:41 am Link Reply

    Love your flower of life drawings and paintings. I am curious – did you notice any energetic changes after painting the symbol? For example did the house/garden feel better, more harmonious. Did the mold on the wall go away? Just wondering How powerful this symbol is. Thank you

    • Kawa 2017-07-24, 10:46 am Link Reply

      Thank you :-), and yes i personelly feel something if i am drawing the flower of life, and feel the harmony from this symbol. I have an german online cours about to learn the flower of life drawing on canvas. But i have to translate it in englisch. If i have done it, you can learn to draw by yourself, and feel the power 🙂 Karsten “Raul Falco”

  • Robert Brown 2022-02-01, 9:28 pm Link Reply

    I am wondering if painting the flower of life on the fence between my house and the neighbors house would calm the energy between our properties. They burn and fill my yard with smoke and their dog barks incessantly. Any thoughts on this?
    Thank you,

    • Kawa 2022-02-01, 9:37 pm Link Reply

      Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. I think you should try it. If you also draw with the intention that there is harmony with your neighbour, it is also an advantage. I have also been practising a shamanic teaching for 10 years, where people can also be harmonised with the help of colours. If you know when your neighbour’s birthday is, I could find out the colours for him and you can paint the picture with this colour. Many greetings Karsten

      By the way, I also have a shop with hand-painted pictures with the flower of life. You might find some ideas for what you would like to paint there. You can find it here:

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