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Flower of life test

The flower of life test by the Life Test Institute The symbol “Flower of Life” is present in Egypt, Western and Eastern Europe as well as in parts of Asia. Some archaeological discoveries, such as engravings of the symbol in ancient Egyptian temples, are more than 200 years old. With its help, all five regular […] Read more

Flower of life sticker

Since I receive inquiries regarding various flower of life products every now and then, I would like to start to tell you about my own experiences and recommend some good products. I think that this is particularly important in today’s times, as more and more products about the flower of life are pushing the market, […] Read more

My experiment on the flower of life

There are theories and experiences that sayt hat the flower of life has a harmonizing and rejuvenating effect. Of course I wanted to try to prove this and started a flower of life experiment. I took three white sheets of paper, drew a flower of life on the first sheet, on the second one I […] Read more