Flower of Life Effect

The flower of life effect can not be easily described; you have to experience it.

And this is not going to happen right away.

How should topics that have been imbalanced for years run differently all of a sudden. this may work for some people, but for most it does not. But that is not bad, because it is never too late to start, and who does not begin to walk, does not make it to the goal.

In my article flower of life meaning and effect, I touched on the flower of the life effect, but not yet as much as how you can use it. Many people use coasters for their glass carafes, or fruit bowls with the flower of life imprinted. The question is, of course, why? I think many people do not know, they just do it because someone told them that it is good. But let’s see what happens. In my experiment with the flower of life, I have already tried to find out exactly because I am not satisfied with theories, but like to try everything myself.

Flower of life effect

It is definitely clear to me that the structure of the flower of life brings something back into balance what was pulled out of it.


In some cases working with the flower of life can be very violent. A lot of people report a sudden change in their lives, or topics that came back to light that seemed long lost in the past. But this happens when you start working with the flower. You should also be aware of that anything that is in imbalance must be redirected on to the right track, and that there could always be bumps on the way. However, if you have survived this time and are really occupied with the flower of life, it will give you so much of your knowledge back. Just trust the power.

Just sit down and paint the flower of life, you will surely learn even more of its beauty. There is so much you can discover in it. And I wish you a lot of fun. Nothing is more beautiful than to reconcile itself with the source, and that is the Flower of Life as well, the Source.

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