The Flower of Life Meaning and Effect

Meaning of the flower of life

Today I would like to tell you a little more about the meaning and effect of the flower of life. As I mentioned in my homepage, the flower of life is a symbol which consists of 19 circles. This wonderful motif occurs all over the world such as: Ireland, Turkey, England, Israel, Egypt, China, Tibet, Greece and Japan – everywhere. It is known everywhere under the same name.


It isn’t called “flower”  because it looks like a flower, but because it stands for the cycle of a fruit tree. This fruit-tree will sooner or later carry flowers which will then become fruit, e.g. pears, plums, etc. The resulting pieces of fruit carry the seeds that will fall on the ground and give life to a new fruit tree, and so it goes on and on and on. A cycle takes place in this case: first the tree, then the flower, then the seed and back again to the tree. This is fascinating, considering that this cycle constantly repeats itself, like life itself.


The seeds of life

In the center of the flower of life there are 7 interlaced circles, this pattern is called seed of life. It symbolizes the rite of creation and shows how life is created. If you draw the flower of life you always have to start with a circle. This is the beginning, this is how life begins for humans too, with the first fertilized ovocyte. Then this cell splits, the same thing happens with the Flower of Life, you have to draw the second circle so that it intersects the first exactly in the center. This process goes on until we have the first seven circles (seed of life). The process of the development of human life is the same, the oocytes continue to divide and form the first cluster of cells.

This should help clarify the concept:

Seed of Life

Seed of Life

the first cells

the first cells

This is a very nice picture that shows how cells split:

cell division

cell division

Let’s have a look at the effects of the flower of life

Now we have seen that the process of the development of life is contained in the flower of life. If we visualize this, we’ll recognize that the origin of our being is stored in the flower of life.

The basic structure, then!

This means that every time you look at the flower you see the beginning of everything

This means that you can connect with the origin! 

I hope that by now you’ll have realized what I want to say. Everything that does not proceed harmoniously in your life, if you feel like you’ve left the track or even if you are experiencing physical problems – all of this can be corrected, because you have the key to the origin. Do you know that your first cells are located in your perineum, and ensure that the information of regeneration is sent to all other cells? These cells carry all the information you need to stay healthy. You just have to let them continue with this process and live your life in harmony, not in disharmony. And this is what the flower of life shows you. It is simply perfect.

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  • Bernadette Libardi 2018-01-02, 9:07 pm Link Reply

    Hi Karsten,
    thanx for sharing the information you have! I actually was intrigued with the flower of life, as I had a vision about six years ago & was woke up in the middle of the night to seeing this on my bedroom ceiling. I had no idea of what it was, or what it was called until today!
    So again thanx
    Bernadette Libardi

    • Agnieszka Rogowska 2018-07-23, 11:28 pm Link Reply

      hi, i have this experience as well – waking up at night and seeing on my ceiling. Sometimes is my ceiling and walls covered by this symbol. Last night i saw it again – but this time in the center of Flower of life was located red rose flower.
      I wish I could understand more why i have this magical images appearing in my room?
      Agnieszka R.

      • Kawa 2018-08-08, 10:54 pm Link Reply

        Hey Agnieszka, when i was working first with sacred geometry symbols it was an awsome experience. Maybe not like yours, but when i was looking in nature i found this symbols there.
        The more you work with these symbols, the more you will connect with them. This will of course change your complete life :-). But do not worry, because here you connect yourself with the foundation of all being, that is, with the original trace and the perfect harmony.

  • Tammy 2018-03-10, 7:37 am Link Reply

    Looking at everything as energy and sacred geometry!
    I have artwork…just realized I could be making my own artwork!
    Positive and of a high vibration!
    Thank you!

  • Lisa Duffield 2019-01-14, 7:34 pm Link Reply

    Hello, love the flower of life. Not being rude at all, but do you mean the ‘perineum’ in this sentence?
    Thank you,

    Do you know that your first cells are located in your perineum, and ensure that the information of regeneration is sent to all other cells?

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