My experiences with drawing the flower of life by myself

Drawing the flower of life by myself made my understanding of the flower of life grow


Today I would like to publish some of my drawings of the flower of life. I made them about 6 years ago. At that time I had just started to learn more about the flower of life.

After having read the book by Drunvalo Melchizedek in 2009 I began to paint the flower of life everywhere. And if I mean everywhere, I mean everywhere :-).

We had a very strong mold problem in the apartment back then and had to demolish the complete wallpaper in the bedroom. Of course it looked very bleak and gloomy. Yes, exactly, so I just decided to simply draw a big and beautiful flower of life on the wall. And not only once :-), I did it even 4 times. For one thing, of course, I wanted to use the power and energy of the flower of life, and on the other hand it looked beautiful. I must mention that I painted the flower of life on the wall with a gold pencil. This gave the whole thing an extra touch.

I can only recommend this to anyone, try it out, it’s better than wallpaper 🙂

flower of life drawing door

My artistic experiments, however, are not limited to walls; no, the next objective was the garage door of my parents’ garden. I painted the flower of life on the gate with a gold color, but it wasn’t small, no, it was about 2 meters in diameter :-). And painted with acrylic gold. That was in 2010, and to this day, 5 years later, the same flower of life is on this gate. And it hasn’t changed over time. I’m still amazed by this every time I see it.

Here are some of my artistic attempts (some of them already look a bit old), the variations are very different. In some of them you might even notice the symbols of some modern businesses 😉 can you see where?

flower of life pictures

By following this link you’ll see the pictures in a bigger format: Gallery of the flower of life paintings


I hope you liked the little tour into my first flower of life drawings, maybe I even managed to motivate you to draw yourself :-).


All the best


PS: Here is a link to my german Website:

If you wnt to look to Inspiration for drawing, you will find our flower of life Pictures. These artworks were painted by my partner Jeannette and myself.

Here are a few examples:

Flower of Life Artwork Yin Yang Chakra Mandala OM Sri Yantra



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  • Violette 2017-07-24, 9:41 am Link Reply

    Love your flower of life drawings and paintings. I am curious – did you notice any energetic changes after painting the symbol? For example did the house/garden feel better, more harmonious. Did the mold on the wall go away? Just wondering How powerful this symbol is. Thank you

    • Kawa 2017-07-24, 10:46 am Link Reply

      Thank you :-), and yes i personelly feel something if i am drawing the flower of life, and feel the harmony from this symbol. I have an german online cours about to learn the flower of life drawing on canvas. But i have to translate it in englisch. If i have done it, you can learn to draw by yourself, and feel the power 🙂 Karsten “Raul Falco”

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